Escent Technologies, LLC (Escent) is a Kentucky-based, technology company involving a patented, University of Kentucky developed, technology in the field of spectroscopy. The key innovation is a proprietary spectroscopic system to identify chemical/organic substances. This system has a small form factor and enables real-time, in-situation analysis, providing a fast, low-cost option to substance identification that is both non-destructive and reagent-free.

Rapid non-destructive identification of chemical/organic substances is easy with this technology. Moreover, low power consumption and its small form factor makes ChemPrint™ ideal for remote, palm-held field applications.

Escent leveraged this base technology and, through rapid innovation, developed the ChemPrint™ handheld, field deployable substance identification system. This technology has multi-market applications and, as such, is an unrivaled platform technology. Escent has demonstrated cutting-edge technical and business-related capabilities and plans to formally introduce its validated, commercial product to law enforcement late this year.

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