ChemPrint™ Technology is law enforcement’s solution to Illicit Pill, Powder, Drug, WMD and Explosive identification issues.  Roadside, non-destructive substance identification is now in the palm of your hand. Fight the global pill epidemic, use ChemPrint™

  • Handheld: Portable, Light, Solid-State Design
  • Real-Time: In-situation Analysis of Substances in Seconds
  • Living Library: Self-Updating Substance Library with Global Data Sharing
  • Non-Destructive: Sample Remains Intact, Tamper Evident, RFID Tagged Vials
  • Easy: Simple to use, No Ampule Mess, Designed with Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement: Drive Pills and Illicit Drugs from Your Community
  • Government: Border Protection, WMD, Explosives Detection
  • Correctional/School: Keep Drugs Out of Schools, Prisons, etc.
  • Fire/Rescue: Save Lives by Detecting Drug Type at Incident
  • Lexington Police Department
  • Palm Bay Police Department
  • Florida Conference of City Managers 2011
  • Simple, Rugged, and Easy to Use
  • Global, Living Database Tracking Substance Signatures in Single Repository

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